769e2ff5-672d-4665-ac45-b4c67312bf92-2060x1236Anyone can experience the unpleasant effects of a headache. Some people are plagued with one occurring seemingly after another while other people are given a reprieve experiencing them less frequently.

There are three basic types of headaches, including the most common type: a tension headache. Migraine headaches are less common but seem to plague the people they visit with sometimes days-long experiences of visual and auditory distortion along with focused pain and potential for nausea. The third type of a headache is actually a radiating of pain from muscles that are housed in the neck.

People have differing luck with taking painkillers, muscle relaxants, and migraine medications. Some people have such frequent occurrences of headaches that they are in danger of being impacted negatively by the medications they rely upon. That means they could stand to have an alternative and non-drug treatment. Try visiting the nearest upper east side chiropractic and acupuncture treatment.

Medication may also be very cost prohibitive. Some migraine pills are $100 a pop. It is not possible for people to endure the pain and therefore they are forced to pay a huge price for a drug that may still allow lingering impact from a migraine, for instance.

What Is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been around for thousands of years. It utilizes needles that are placed strategically in line with acupuncture points.

While critics will say the results of scientific studies are all over the board, thereby proving inconclusive, it is a method of Traditional Chinese Method that has lasted millennia. There are different styles of acupuncture that adhere to various philosophies, and therefore, not all acupuncture is actually from China.

A majority of the acupuncture, though, that is practiced in the United States is the Chinese tradition. It is important to note, though, that the studies have provided some good news for headache sufferers, indicating that headache acupuncture is effective in treating the ailments.

The Acupuncture Processc700x420
The problem with the studies is that it belies the years of study that acupuncturists complete earning their degree and license to practice. For instance, naturopaths will have studied the energetics of the body, herbs and their interaction with the body in addition to acupuncture.

It takes 6 years and if it were worthless it hardly seems that people would study it. Anyhow, when going in for a consultation, the practitioner will identify what is blocking the energy, assess its temperature and feel. Based upon that they may further recommend what to eat or drink, and provide an herbal ointment, tea, or other medicine to accompany the acupuncture treatment.

Headache acupuncture is like with any other treatment. It matters how effective, trustworthy, experienced, and well-trained the practitioner is.

If you are dedicated to feeling better and cannot     swallow another $100 pill, then it is, at least, worth trying several acupuncturists and several appointments with each before deciding it is not for you. Look for good references, the utmost in cleanliness as the needles are not to be reused and must be sterile.

Those are the basics of headache acupuncture. Learn about it and try it out for relief from headache pain.