Tablets and Cell Phone first entered the scene with huge demand. Not only did they offer a unique experience that you could not get with other devices on the market at the time, but they really had a lot of different value propositions for purchasing one. With that being said, the tablet itself has evolved in recent years. Below, we will be going over some of the main things that have led to this evolution.

The Evolution Of The Tablet Computer:

1. Screen Size.

The tablet first evolved with different screen size options. The screen size was one of the first evolution’s of the tablet with it being offered in both smaller form factors as well as larger form factors. Because of this, the tablet began to take on its own functionality in terms of what it could be used for. For one, the smaller screen sizes were seen as good e-reader devices because they offered a decent amount of portability and a comfortable fit in the hand. Whereas, the larger tablets offered more as media consumption devices for those that wanted to really consume various sorts of media on the go on a larger screen instead of having to do so on their smaller screened phones.

2. Stylus.

The stylus is really what started the entire evolution of the tablet in terms of its functionality. While the stylus was available on smartphones and other portable devices for a long time, they had fallen out of favor with consumers. This was likely a direct result of the stylus being too difficult to actually use to it’s fullest potential and functionality on such a small device. As a result, the stylus made a huge comeback on tablets because it offered users the chance to do all kinds of things with it. One of the biggest things that this did was turn tablets into a legit note taking and/or drawing tablet. Because you would have the ability to write or draw on it and take it with you, it was seen as an excellent device for all kinds of users including but not limited to artists, students, and even business professionals.

3. Hybrid.

When the tablet really turned into more of a computer is when the hybrid devices started entering the market. This particular evolution is really what started the entire 2 in 1 form factor PCs. These tablets have more functionality than ever before and they can be used as a traditional tablet in tablet mode or they can be used like a laptop with the tablet fitted into its dock or a keyboard dock of some sort. Because of this, they have gained more in terms of functionality than ever before.

Overall, the tablet has evolved and changed a lot throughout the years. Not only has it become much more of a versatile device than it was first introduced as, but it actually now has a variety of functions that make it a must have in a lot of consumers bags.