When it comes to maximizing your protection, you might consider investing in best guard dogs. Dogs can be very good protection against all kinds of things including crime. Not only can a dog let you know someone is lurking around, but they can actually deter them from approaching closer. If you are someone looking for extra protection from a dog, you will want to know beforehand the dog breeds that you should be considering.

Which Breed’s Are The Best Guard Dogs?

1. Akita

This is easily one of the top guard dogs that you can consider getting. An Akita is a very large and strong breed. Not only is it large, strong, but it is also intense. The good thing about this specific breed is it’s inherent loyal traits. This breed is prone to being very loyal to it’s owner and extremely standoffish to strangers. Because of this, they make for a very trustworthy guard dog. Like most breeds, they will need to be properly socialized. With that being said, they are also a very high maintenance breed as they can be very stubborn. Thus, this is a breed to consider if you are willing to put in the work. The Akita is an excellent breed to consider if you are willing to train the dog and be diligent in doing so.

2. German Shepherd

Another great dog breeds to consider if you are looking to get a guard dog is a German Shepherd. A German Shepherd is a good breed to consider investing in if you are looking for a great guard dog because they have all of the instincts that you would want in a guard dog, but they also have an incredible loyalty to their owners. No only that, but they also have excellent skills and a great ability to absorb information and training much better and easier than other breeds. This is due to their incredibly high intelligence which makes them an impeccable dog to train for this kind of work. This is why they are constantly being used in military and police operations.

3. Doberman Pinscher

This is another excellent breed that you will be able to consider for guard dog purposes. This breed is such an excellent pick because they are extremely intelligent. Also, they are very strong and loyal to their owners. Because of this, they will be a great dog that you can train to protect your property, home, or family. However, one of the best reasons they are such a good dog for protection is because a majority of people are going to be intimidated by this breed without them even having to do anything aggressive. This will allow you to socialize and have a great dog without having to train or teach any sort of aggression.

In the end, finding the best guard dogs is all about finding one that has the instincts to do so. The breeds discussed above are the best breeds to consider.