IROS 2011 Workshop (SW9)

Reconfigurable Modular Robotics:
Challenges of Mechatronic and Bio-Chemo-Hybrid Systems

Accepted papers (alphabetical by first author)

“Wireless Communication and Power Transfer in Modular Robots” by Maria del Pilar Olmos Cabrera, Ruslan S. Trifonov, Guillem Arimany Castells, and Kasper Stoy

“Remotely Controllable Microcapsules for Site-Specific Delivery of a Chemical Payload” by Jitka Čejková, Viola Tokárová, Anna Pittermannová, František Štěpánek

“Discovering Near-Optimal Communication Network for Modular Robots” by Harris Chi Ho Chiu and Wei-Min Shen

“The Assemble and Animate Control Framework for Modular Reconfigurable Robots” by David Johan Christensen, Ulrik Pagh Schultz, and Mikael Moghadam

“The X-CLAW Self-Aligning Connector for Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robots” by Jin Jin Cong, Robert Fitch

“First Steps towards a Heterogeneous Modular Robotic Architecture for for Intelligent Industrial Operation” by A. Faiña, F. Orjales, F. Bellas, and R. J. Duro

“Synchronized and Reconfigurable Motion of Molecular (Quantum) Robots: A Field-Theoretic Approach” by Hermann Haken, Paul Levi

“Heterogeneity for Increasing Performance and Reliability of Self-Reconfigurable Multi-Robot Organisms” by S. Kernbach, F. Schlachter, R. Humza, J. Liedke, S. Popesku, S. Russo, T. Ranzani, L. Manfredi, C. Stefanini, R. Matthias, Ch. Schwarzer, B. Girault, P. Alschbach, E. Meister, O. Scholz

“The First Connection System for Modular Underwater Bio-inspired Robots” by S. Mintchev, C. Stefanini, S. Marrazza, S. Orofino, L. Manfredi, and P. Dario

“Autonomous Adaptation to Simultaneous Unexpected Changes in Modular Robots” by Nadeesha Ranasinghe, Wei-Min Shen

“Bringing Reality to Evolution of Modular Robots: Bio-inspired Techniques for Building a Simulation Environment in the SYMBRION Project” by Martin Saska and Vojtech Vonasek and Miroslav Kulich and Daniel Fiser and Jaouhar Jemai and Libor Preucil

“Robotic Organisms - Artificial Homeostatic Hormone System and Virtual Embryogenesis as Examples for Adaptive Reaction-Diffusion Controllers” by Thomas Schmickl, Ronald Thenius, Juergen Stradner, Heiko Hamann, Karl Crailsheim

“Current Topics in Classic Self-Reconfigurable Robot Research” by Kasper Stoy and Haruhisa Kurokawa

“Distributed Multi-Robot Algorithms for the TERMES 3D Collective Construction System” by Justin Werfel, Kirstin Petersen, and Radhika Nagpal